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We at pippl believe, that every employee deserves to be appreciated. With that in mind, we've created a tool, to make employees able to request a review from employers, represent that in their profiles, and share it in the next career opportunity.

In those days almost all freelance platforms provide rating mechanism for their freelancers and companies. There is also a lot of platforms where customers/employees can rate the companies they worked with. But, when it comes to employees of static companies, there is no centralized place for that. The problem is, when you leave a company, you cannot include in your CV the thoughts of your ex-employer about you. 

The idea of pippl is to solve this problem. With pippl you can request a review from your employer and share it in your next job interview.  It will make HR’s life easier too, they can just easily check what other employers says about this person, rating, past experience, etc. 

We aim to
  • make the hiring process more transparent and understandable for both HR representatives & employees

  • add trust between employers and employees by publishing verified feedback

  • avoid negative experiences of potential hirers and direct contact with previous employers of applicants

Join us and make your experience count!

Resume is never enough

Share your past experience with potential employers: Our mission is to create an open and transparent ecosystem by connecting employees to employers. On the one hand, pippl enables employees to share their working experience, display their skills, and raise their confidence level. On the other hand, we provide a safe haven for employers who are looking for more information about their potential workers.

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